Popular Riverwalk finally gets parking and safer access

The River Walk that encircles Williamsport and South Williamsport at the Susquehanna River has been popular to bicyclists, walkers and runners since it opened in 2010.

But the popularity hasn’t been matched by parking access for its users.

Until now.

A permanent lot with 91 spaces for vehicles is now open in the Hepburn Street access area just off the Beltway.

The new lot also features a new railroad crossing for safer access.

Of course, safety was a big concern before the availability of a permanent lot. People were just parking their cars in the area in a haphazard way. Given the proximity to the railroad crossing, that was a safety concern.

The paving and safety improvements, financed by city and county gas drilling funds and SEDA-COG’s Joint Rail Authority, finished on budget at around $200,000. Funding of $166,000 for the railroad crossing came from the Federal Highway Administration.

With the completed project, the popular River Walk now has reliable parking and safer access for users.

That’s a win-win project in our view.