Saving the VA: A disturbing Washington pattern is emerging

Leaders in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives hope to reach agreement soon on a bill addressing the Department of Veterans Affairs scandal.

Among other things, it calls for veterans to get medical treatment from the private sector if they are placed on long waiting lists by the Veterans Administration.

That would be progress.

But another major section of the bill, allowing the Veterans Administration to expand its facilities, is part of an old pattern in Washington.

It is to throw taxpayers’ money at a problem and hope it will go away.

But what of Veterans Administration officials accused of keeping veterans on long waiting lists for care, then lying about it?

Little has been said about consequences for them – to discourage similar misdeeds in the future.

Until that is addressed, don’t count on the Veterans Administration?truly improving much.

And this is a crime, considering the people the VA is in charge of should be the top priority for care in this country, not the bottom priority.

We salute those in the VA quietly doing a great job every day. It’s too bad their ethic is not universal.