Another voice seeks overdue paycheck protection legislation

Add another voice to the movement to end the political funding privileges of the state’s public unions.

The Pennsylvania Federation of Republican Women last week passed a resolution supporting the passage of paycheck protection legislation in Pennsylvania.

Such legislation aims to end the practice of having Pennsylvania workers act as the collectors and campaign bundlers for public sector unions.

Public sector employees are paid by taxpayers. So the use of their dues for political purposes means that, in effect, they are using taxpayer money to do their bidding on issues, candidates and campaigns.

Without any consent from the public.

If public sector individuals want to take aggressive stances and contribute money on political causes and for particular candidates, that’s fine. That’s the same right that privately employed individuals have.

But private employees have to do that on their own dime.

It is patently unfair that public employees get to use the money of taxpayers for their political purposes.

There is legislation in the hopper to end the unfairness. It remains a question whether lawmakers have the spine to take the long overdue action.

They have to know the situation right now represents the height of an uneven playing field.

But will they do something about it?