Loyalsock well site can be a victory for all parties

Inflection Energy got a hard-fought government victory with approval of a gas well site on Palmer Road in Loyalsock Township this past week.

We’d like to think the energy company is not the only victor in this ultimate outcome of a hotly-debated proposal.

There are no fewer than 16 conditions attached to this approval, many having to do with sound levels at the site, road and light conditions.

Add to this the typical environmental regulations already in place that are monitored by the state and there is an almost unprecedented amount of oversight for this well site.

Which is fine.

That is as it should be. And given the amount of public resistance to the well site, heavy monitoring is all the more necessary in the name of public confidence.

This is all we have asked all along regarding the gas drilling industry in our region. Monitor it very strictly, but don’t exert knee-jerk resistance against a much-needed economic tool.

The Loyalsock well site outcome can be a victory for everyone if the process is honored.