Lycoming County Treatment Court program pays off

Not many people survive drug addiction and go on to become productive citizens.

But the Lycoming County Treatment Court program is a tough-love process that has helped many former drug addicts beat the odds against recovery and productivity.

Last week, Lycoming County President Judge Nancy Butts presided over the latest treatment court graduation.

Three people were recognized in front of a group of counselors, family members and peers after completing the program.

Their testimony tells you all you need to know about whether the treatment court is working.

After a six-month rehabilitation program, one of the grads was able to commit to being sober and is now a productive mother. Another survived the rigors of the program and now is working full-time, taking college courses and caring for her child. The third graduate is now acting as a sponsor for others dealing with addiction and has helped start an equestrian team at the Pennsylvania College of Technology.

These are not the sort of stories that happen to people once they get addicted to drugs.

A much different path normally occurs, usually ending in tragedy or unproductive lives that strain the social services and penal network.

Clearly, Lycoming County’s Treatment Court program is a legitimate weapon against the cycle of drug dependency.