Opening of new railroad bridge big economic step

The railroad bridge over Loyalsock Creek at the entrance to Montoursville was reopened in dedication ceremonies Wednesday.

And then it rained.


That’s perhaps fitting, because Tropical Storm Lee in 2011 washed away the former bridge.

But the new bridge, a monument to hard work by local officials to secure grants and quick, superior local construction work, is geared to handling such future hard rains.

It is built to last 100 years. It is built to handle 15,000 or more carloads of freight and will serve more than 30 companies.

And during that time, the bridge will be a larger cog in the area’s economic vitality than most people would realize.

It will be the key transportation vehicle for many local companies and will specifically support the natural gas industry.

It’s not as sexy as a major highway upgrade, but make no mistake, opening of the new railroad bridge over Loyalsock Creek is a big economic step forward.