Realities of postal service of today having local impact

A recent Sun-Gazette survey confirmed the inconsistencies in local mail delivery since the closure of the Reach Road processing center in Williamsport a year ago.

Frankly, the amount of time to get a piece of mail from Williamsport to Harrisburg where it is now processed and back to the area destination was not as elongated as people might expect.

In most cases, the mail delivery took about two days to get from sending to destination, which is really not bad. The biggest difference we see is in the time of day when mail is delivered.

It is not uncommon for people to report getting mail after 5 p.m., which never used to happen. It appears, from talks with officials, that much of that is caused by delays in getting mail from Harrisburg into the local Post Office. While mailers can do things to help expedite mail delivery proper addressing, timely delivery to pickup boxes we suspect these delivery realities will remain unless the local processing center is reopened.

And as much as we’d like the local processing center to be open from the standpoint of service and convenience, there are budget realities to deal with.

The Postal Service is bleeding dollars, regularly losing millions and millions of them in its annual operation. When that happens, cutbacks have to be made and operational methods have to be changed to create greater efficiency.

We’re not sure if all the efficiency changes are being effectively addressed, but the cutbacks we reluctantly understand. This is not your father’s Postal Service, and it may never be that way again.