More capable local people needed in elected positions

There have been local elections in recent years in which there weren’t enough candidates from the two major parties to fill the available offices.

That’s a crisis of leadership that should scare all local residents.

The cure to the crisis is simple: More local people with the capability, heart and mind to lead have to step forward to fill school board, supervisor and council seats and a variety of other important roles.

That’s easier said than done. Many of these jobs are, quite frankly, thankless.

Long hours, next to no pay and a ton of criticism, public and private, come with most of them.

So the kind of person who takes these jobs is someone dedicated to their community with interests that trump the downsides of sitting on the local school board, council or supervisors board.

Of course, the people who fit this job description are the same people who lead human services agency boards and fill a variety of other community leadership posts. Good people fall in love with good causes.

We believe there are enough of the kind of people in our region to fill important elected leadership positions and fill them well. Many of them may be hesitant to fill positions that have a public profile attached to them, including the news coverage that goes with them.

Our job is to report the public’s business. We try to do it thoroughly, but are equally as concerned with doing it fairly. So we can promise, with full confidence, a fair shake to anyone who occupies a public office.

It will soon be time to circulate petitions and gain the number of signatures required to run for public office. We hope the best of our community will consider running for public office. We need intelligent, practical, fair people in our elected positions and we need them now.