No matter who fills position, city needs competent treasurer

Nicholas Grimes is general manager of a local business and, until this week, was a first-term member of the Williamsport Area School Board.

On the surface, he appears to be a sound candidate for city treasurer.

City Council voted to hire him last week to fill the final year of the vacant treasurer’s post prior to an election this spring and fall.

There has been absolutely no evidence that the fact Grimes is stepson of City Council President Bill Hall played any role in the decision. And a delay in the decision did not attract additional applicants among the original three people who applied.

That said, we are glad the position is up for election this year.

We are much more comfortable with the electorate deciding whether Grimes or anyone else is most qualified for this post when the alternative is hiring someone with family connections to the city’s power base.

That’s not Grimes’ fault. It’s just the way it is.

Given the situation, the best scenario would be extremely competent performance by the treasurer’s office this calendar year and a sound decision by the electorate in both the primary and general election on who should fill the position.