Jordan pilot’s death: Time for U.S.-led effort against ISIS

On Tuesday, Islamic State militants released a video showing a Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage.

Within 12 hours Jordan had retaliated by executing two al-Qaida prisoners. Jordan’s leader, King Abdullah II, aborted his visit with President Obama in Washington, headed back to his country and vowed thorough avenging of the barbaric action.

Meanwhile, President Obama could not bear to call the perpetrators what they are radical Islamic terrorists.

This continues a long, stubborn pattern of being too casual about the enemy.

Until he correctly identifies the enemy and separates them from the rest of the Muslim world, the coalition of Muslim interests that is needed to stop ISIS will remain lacking due to a lack of empowerment.

Until the president fully and forcefully identifies the enemy, the Middle East will remain endangered by terror like never before and, make no mistake, the United States will remain in peril from these radical Islamic terrorists.

Most of the world realizes these people do not represent traditional Muslims.

Most of the world would understand greater force being taken against these people.

Most of the world understands this terrorist network needs to be obliterated for the good of everyone.

The video produced by ISIS of this latest atrocity is so barbaric that it has prompted greater unity and resolve to end the radical Islamic movement with forceful action. While the United States does not need to go it alone in that effort, it needs to lead a coalition of nations in the Mideast with more than words.

Based on his actions to date, it is impossible to have confidence that President Obama fully understands what is necessary to end the surge of ISIS. And because our leadership has not taken this threat seriously enough, it has been allowed to grow in numbers, geography and power.

As a result, the luxury of this country collectively believing an isolationist policy a sort of “it’s not our problem” posture no longer exists. This terrorist group holds the dismantling of western culture and perpetual terror in the United States as its ultimate goal.

Nothing that has happened in the past six months suggests that the threat can be resolved without some more forceful plan of action than the president is currently presenting.

The time for false promotion that the terrorist movement is dead has ended. It’s time to acknowledge the very real threat and go about the business of ending it.