Thankfully, city rental property ordinance holding up in courts

The city of Williamsport’s rental property ordinance continues to hold up against a suit filed by a New York-based landlord with property in the city who calls it unconstitutional.

And we are thrilled about that.

Williamsport’s systematic schedule of inspections of rental properties is intended to hold landlords accountable and reduce illegal drug and firearms activity.

Given the number of violent incidents in the city in recent years, many of them drug-related and occurring in rental property settings, we suspect most Williamsport residents are thankful for this ordinance.

And federal judges handling the suit by a New Rochelle, N.Y., landlord aren’t buying that the inspections violate any Constitutional laws.

They certainly won’t be won over by the likes of one amended complaint filed by the landlord that was peppered with vitriolic verbage and obscenities.

We hope the ordinance can withstand legal challenges. Many of the city’s drug and violence problems stem from the nesting ground for undesirable people that many apartments have become.

The accountability implicit in this ordinance and nothing more is necessary from landlords.