United Way campaign: Vital funding touches the entire community

It’s a $1,625,000 mountain.

That’s the goal for the Lycoming County United Way annual fundraising campaign that began last week.

The campaign got a couple early pushes.

The annual Home Run campaign in conjunction with Williamsport Crosscutters home runs and sponsors of those homers raised $6,000. And a coalition of media members, including the Sun-Gazette, teamed up eight days ago in a kickoff fundraising effort.

The rest is pretty much up to you. In case you do not know by now, the point of the fundraising exercise is evident with facts. The funding goes to 34 human services programs. Those programs help young and old, people with daily challenges and people facing emergencies.

They especially benefit the economically disadvantaged and those put in circumstances they never asked for: Physical and mental handicaps, domestic violence, learning challenges.

The programs have two things in common: They are operated by social and human services agencies that are run on shoestring budgets with United Way funding being the difference-maker.

And, secondly, you either use these program or, when you least expect it, will need them someday, perhaps tomorrow.

It’s a safe assumption United Way, when it comes knocking, will be grateful for whatever you give.

Better yet, don’t wait for the knock. Give today to maintain a quality community that has a caring net that stretches to everyone.