Comey correct to resume Clinton probe; Criticism hypocritical

FBI Director James Comey was wrong to let Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton off the hook in July, when he announced investigators had concluded she broke the law many times in using private email servers while secretary of state — and in doing so, exposing national secrets to hackers. Comey’s excuse was that Clinton did not intend to do that. But Comey was absolutely correct last week in revealing Clinton is back under the FBI’s microscope. New e-mails previously not given to the agency resulted in the probe being reopened. Clinton is furious, of course. But officials in the Justice Department are angry, too. They had advised Comey not to reveal the new probe, in keeping with a department policy of not influencing elections. Comey did the correct thing, however, in ignoring a Justice Department that clearly has been trying to protect Clinton. Not revealing the new investigation would have influenced the election, too, as Comey realizes. Some of Clinton’s defenders have had the gall to defend her by insisting what she did “wasn’t Watergate, after all.” No, it certainly was not. For those who do not remember the scandal that forced then-President Richard Nixon out of office, here is a refresher: Nixon and many of his aides were caught using tactics such as breaking into the Democrats’ national headquarters to influence elections. It also was revealed they disrupted some Democrat rallies — as have Clinton cronies. But never was it alleged that Nixon endangered Americans by putting national secrets at risk. Clinton did. No less than five foreign entities have been found to have successfully hacked into her e-mail server while she was Secretary of State. That clearly put the country in danger. Clinton and her supporters were lavish with praise of Comey in July. Now, suddenly, Comey’s decision-making process is “deeply troubling” to Clinton. She is furious because the Comey revelation focuses voters’ attention back on her handling of the email situation — and her lies about it once the matter came to light. So criticizing Comey for the same type of behavior that was praised in July just won’t work. Voters are not as blindly gullible as Clinton seems to believe they are.