Vote Tuesday: The impact could last for generations

We say this as every election day approaches, but it has never been more appropriate: There is no excuse for not voting in Tuesday’s election. At stake is nothing less than the future direction of the country, based on the outcome of the presidential contest between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. The two major candidates have a markedly different path outlined for the country, should they be elected. So voters in our region have a critical opportunity to make their preference for the country’s direction known, a preference that will impact the future of our children. Also on the ballot is a Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race between Republican incumbent Pat Toomey and Democrat challenger Katie McGinty. The result may determine nothing less than which party has the Senate majority for the next two years. Besides these self-evident critical decisions, Tuesday’s election includes a congressional race impacting most of our region and a state assembly race. Every election is important, but Tuesday’s has the feel of one with a longer lasting impact than most. Beyond that, casting a ballot on any election day represents the execution of a right that many people worldwide crave but do not have. It is a right preserved by fellow countrymen who have shed blood and given their lives over generations. Please honor their sacrifices, make an imprint on the country’s future and participate in Tuesday election.