Let next attorney general determine future Clinton course

President-elect Donald Trump may be trying too hard to put election campaign bitterness behind us.

Trump has said he does not want to pursue criminal charges against former opponent Hillary Clinton.

But Clinton’s misdeeds were not limited to the email scandal with which many people are familiar. Clinton put national secrets at risk by her illegal handling of emails, FBI Director James Comey said.

Comey would not recommend Clinton be prosecuted, however. He explained he did not believe she meant to jeopardize national security.

Other people have been prosecuted and punished for such negligence, of course, even though they clearly meant no harm.

But her abuses, many involving her husband, former President Bill Clinton, go beyond the email scandal.

It is known that while secretary of state, Clinton and some of her aides were involved in conflicts of interest regarding the Clinton Foundation. That allegedly charitable organization has been a source of power for the Clinton family, which raked in millions of dollars for the foundation solely because of Hillary Clinton’s position as secretary of state.

Many foreign government and corporate leaders who wanted contact with Clinton learned they would get preference by making donations to the foundation.

Worse was a conflict in which the State Department raised no objection to a deal allowing Russia’s atomic energy agency, Rosatom, to gain control over uranium assets in several countries, including the United States — after donations were made to the foundation.

Little if anything has been said publicly about an investigation into that aspect of the Clintons’ wrongdoing.

Trump is correct that Americans need to move on from acrimony based solely on politics.

But the Clintons’ misdeeds revolving around the foundation were too severe, too blatant and too prolonged to be dismissed on the excuse of moving on.

The best course would be for Trump to allow his next attorney general – he has nominated Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions – to determine the future direction of the matters involving the Clintons, the e-mail server misuse and the Clinton Foundation practices as they relate to our government.

A complete review and recommendations of these matters by the next attorney general should determine what happens next.