Judge Smith left far-reaching mark on county courts

Lycoming County has been very fortunate for decades to have fair-minded, quality judges rendering decisions from its courtrooms.

Clinton W. Smith, who died recently after a lengthy battle with cancer, certainly fit into that category.

Judge Smith, who served significant time as president judge on the county bench, was an even-keeled champion of the law. It is not easy to be a judge rendering decisions impacting every corner of the community and leave behind the legacy of likability that Smith took with him.

The most revealing trait about Judge Smith is that a total stranger could have met him and not known from conversation and countenance that this was a judge. He did not wear his important occupation on his sleeve. He was everyman.

And whether he intended it or not, he passed that on to the current slate of judges.

Lycoming County was fortunate to have Judge Smith impacting its legal community with a greater-good mentality for decades.