Amid a divided world and nation, some real heroes

In these times of worldwide danger and political upheaval within our American borders, it’s easy to forget there are ordinary people in our midst who are true heroes for the extraordinary things they do.

Mike Dunlop, Keith Miller and George Bitner fit the bill.

The trio of Marine Corps veterans started the Afghanistan Project nearly a decade ago to ensure that as many deployed military members as possible had regular supplies to make their tour of duty as normal as possible.

Working primarily off donated items and funds, they collect everything they can that is part of a daily life – from toothpaste to deodorant to coffee to books.

Male and female soldiers benefit, as well as military dogs.

They also send out letters and drawings from donors.

How big is the impact? They have sent between 250 and 350 boxes per year containing hygiene products, snacks and more. They sent 274 packages in 2016 and had already sent 50 by the end of January this year.

They need funds to cover shipping costs. To ship internationally, the price is $16.75 per box.

The project concept arose out of the memories of Dunlap and Miller upon returning from the Vietnam War. Miller remembers getting spit on when he returned to America from his tour of duty.

He and Dunlap swore that future soldiers would get their support while overseas on duty and when they come home. And that support will remain “until they all come home,” Miller said.

Their efforts speak for themselves and deserve your support. For more information, call 570-916-8372.