Hopefully, energy center, panel talk dissolve barriers

Discussions about energy often deteriorate into a negative political debate about the environment or rich people getting richer.

When the Marcellus Shale drilling boom injected fresh life in the region’s economy several years ago, much of that positive development was obscured by innuendo and illegitimate fears for the environment. It does not – and should not – be that way.

But energy – in all its forms – is necessary to living. So the relationship we have with our longtime acquaintance energy is not one we can discard. The better we get along, the easier our lives will become.

Hopefully, a panel talk sponsored by the Lycoming College Center for Energy and the Future will break down some of the verbal barriers that surround the industry.

The college’s center, an academic initiative that will be formally unveiled later this year, will be bringing together six Lycoming professors from different fields of study for tonight’s panel talk.

They will discuss issues that relate to the production, use and implications of energy locally, nationally and globally.

In the fall, the center’s academic offerings will include two minors – energy science and energy studies. They will include a look at fossil fuels as well as renewable energy.

Our suspicion is that the more we learn about the complexities and possibilities of all forms of energy, the more the black-and-white lines of good and evil will dissolve.

That would be good for all of us.