NaturalizaNaturalization event: 25 become Americans the intended way

At a time when immigration is a very hot button topic in these United States of America, the pure joy of a naturalization ceremony is not just a routine event.

In federal court in Williamsport last week, 25 people from 17 different countries became citizens of the United States.

It was a day of happiness and pride for the 25 people who had gone through the process that leads to becoming part of American’s exceptionalism.

The contrast between what these people had gone through and the various alternatives that play every day in America with people finding other ways to get to this country is unavoidable.

They studied the country they are now a part of and dutifully went through the arduous paper and process.

They earned the title of American.

And so, they deserve the benefits that go with living in this country. We should all want that for them.

And we need to emphasize how much more a part of this country they are than those who want all the plusses of being part of this country without earning them.

These are people to respect and make every effort to include them in everything that is part of living in this country.

To all of them we say, welcome to a country that stands, as it has for almost two and half centuries, for freedom, independence and opportunity.