Time and patience are the watchwords for highway work

Significant progress on streets and highways takes time and patience.

It took more than three decades to modernize Route 15 between Harrisburg and the New York State line, with a major part of the work north of Williamsport and through Tioga County.

This year PennDOT’s local district will be making progress on some other significant projects that involve some of its most heavily traveled areas and will have an impact for decades.

A $9 million reconstruction of West Fourth Street, much needed, will be in an important phase of relocation and reconstruction of underground utilities. Early in 2018, the actual reconstruction between the Route 15 interchange and Williamsport Area High School’s driveway will start.

Work on the detour route on Trenton Avenue and Third Street will commence this year.

Also this year, the bridge over Lycoming Creek at the Route 15 interchange of West Fourth Street will be completed.

On Interstate 180 from Muncy Creek to South Main Street in Muncy Creek Township, a 7.5-mile resurfacing project is on the docket this year.

Of course, the big daddy on the list is the Susquehanna Valley Thruway that will create a bypass around the Shamokin Dam bottleneck of Route 15 when completed.

The completion is several years off, but some of the work is under way. The project is so large that there are PennDOT personnel who do nothing but work on that project.

When completed, the Thruway will leave the same dramatic impact on the highway system in Pennsylvania as the Route 15 modernization.

But it will take time.

And it will require patience from everyone.