Trump passes first commander-in-chief test with Syria action

Every presidential election the nation’s voters are, first and foremost, electing a commander-in-chief who will protect our country and its citizens and protect the principles of freedom and humanity worldwide.

Candidates talk about a lot of other issues that they would have some impact on if elected, but a president has no greater responsibility than those relating to being commander-in-chief.

When civilians in Syria were killed in a gruesome chemical weapons attack last week, President Donald Trump had his first commander-in-chief test.

In a speech that day, the nation and world found out this supposedly heartless businessman was most moved by the children who lost their lives.

Then, this man known most for reckless tweets, acting on the advice of his defense leaders in the Cabinet, approved a surprise, precise strike dismantling most of the air facilities and weaponry that Syria used for the chemical warfare on its own citizens.

While Trump the candidate expressed concern about getting involved in a Syrian civil war, Trump the president knew a message must be sent to Syria’s madman dictator Bashir al-Assad.

Trump and his administration, led by the country’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, also put Russia on notice that it is time to end the cozy relationship with Assad, a message that belies the reckless theory that Trump will not hold Russian President Vladimir Putin accountable.

The action was swift, precise and telling, a practical message to the world that the United States will act when necessary to protect the world’s humanity against inhumane actions.

The most disturbing message of the Syrian action is that it was against chemical weaponry that President Obama and his administration assured Americans had been given up by Syria.

We wonder whether the promises associated with the reckless diplomatic deal with Iran fall into the same category of smoke-blowing.

We also hope the fact that China’s leader was having supper with President Trump when the strike occurs has a positive. He now knows that the days of all talk and no action are over. The world needs China to similarly crack down on North Korea’s reckless young leader. Hopefully, a solid relationship between China and the United States will stiffen China’s posture toward North Korea.