Journey House success story takes another step forward

The Journey House Transitional Housing Program recently took another step forward.

Make that a fifth step, as in the fifth apartment the program has offered since the program was founded in 2007.

The program is a success story whose foundation is a partnership with Lycoming County United Way and local churches. The existing four apartments were possible through a partnership with New Covenant United Church of Christ in Williamsport and the fifth one is available through a new partnership with Messiah Lutheran Church in South Williamsport.

The goal of the program is to nurse low-income families back to self-sufficiency. Families who have been homeless come to the program.

Besides the living arrangement, they get budget coaching and social counseling.

And ultimately, they get their own place to live again, leaving the apartment for someone new needing transitional help.

The idea of using a property for this cause has gone well for both Messiah and New Covenant and illustrates what worship communities with quality activism in mind can do.

Many low-income and homeless individuals and families in our region face a huge challenge in trying to find their way back into being a normal part of a productive community. They need to learn lessons to get there. But they also need a little help.

That only happens with a combination of heart, vision and a game plan.

Praise is in order for United Way and these two churches providing that.