Two South Side legends left an indelible mark

In hundreds of small communities in this country, there are a few people who stand out as the backbone, either by leadership, talent or personality – or a combination of all three.

R. David Frey and William Byham, who have represented much of the heart and soul of South Williamsport for decades, both died last week.

For many people, Frey was the face of South Williamsport for decades, serving as its mayor for 22 years starting in 1970.

For just as many people, Byham was the voice of South Williamsport for decades, with a calming tone suited to radio sports play-by-play and color commentary that thousands of area residents welcomed into their homes.

You could not go to a South Williamsport event and not see Mayor Frey, who is aptly remembered by his sons as loving, kind, gentle and patient.

And if there was a big game going on in the area in baseball, basketball or football, it was a near certainty that “Buck” Byham and his affable personality would be part of the broadcast.

What shone through in both men was not just a pride in what they did but also a pride in the place they came from.

They loved where they spent their lives and were not afraid to show it.

And they both can rest in peace with the knowledge that they made the most of the attributes they were given and did with their lives what they were meant to do.

Our region, and South Williamsport in particular, were so fortunate to have these two quality people making their mark here.