Jobs, stock market news challenge the doomsayer agenda

The nation’s jobless rate reached a 16-year low of 4.3 percent when the new employment numbers were released last week. The report noted 209,000 new jobs in June, following 231,000 new jobs in May. The favorable employment numbers came the same week that the Dow Jones Industrial Average topped 22,000 points and posted several consecutive days of record high closings.

Economists interpret these numbers with a complex, nuanced eye. That’s fine. That’s their job. We will try something simpler. How about confidence? How about reduced regulations?

President Trump has not been able to score a major legislative victory on health care yet, but an area he can control with his pen – rolling back stifling government regulations that have been crippling businesses for eight years – is probably where he has achieved the most.

Add that to realistic prospects of real tax reform that benefits both the lower and middle classes of this country as well as businesses, and the result is employers who have the confidence to expand their businesses.

Naturally, the original story on the jobs market pointed out President Trump was in violation of a regulation when he tweeted good thoughts about the job market 15 minutes before the one-hour comment moratorium. Such is the venom toward Trump that cold water must be poured on any evidence of successful policy turned into results.

We understand that a private businessman as president who can offend with bombastic tweets is a major turnoff to those who have been living in the Beltway bubble of bureaucratic stodginess for decades. President Trump also can offend the rest of us from time to time. The difference between us and them is that we are interested in things that work for this country, and, like him or not, Trump is on the right track with his curbs on business regulations, his relentless push toward some sort of health care reform and his drive for the first major tax reform in 30 years.

And as a bonus, ISIS has been severely thwarted, illegal immigrant crossings are down sharply, NATO countries are finally, grudgingly, paying their fair share and there is a major crackdown going on against gangs in this country.

So pick apart the positive jobs trend. Try to deflate a record stock surge. Criticize every tweet that offends. And keep chasing a Russian collusion rabbit hole. In the 90 percent of the country’s geography, where the values are different than the out-of-touch Beltway/mainstream media/Hollywood coalition, people want these policies and these results. They may not even like this president, but they want this country to become “great again” and these policies are part of that path.