Region’s ultimate Americana exhibit generates $31 million

The number is $31 million.

That’s the estimate of how much money is infused into the region’s economy by the Little League World Series in South Williamsport and related events.

That number has crept higher in recent years as the Series has expanded from its original five-day event to a 12-day extravaganza kicking off with a parade that draws thousands of people the night before the Series starts. This year’s activities calendar was further augmented by Sunday night’s MLB Little League Classic featuring a Major League Baseball game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals at Bowman Field.

You get the idea. Our region is occupying a stage with worldwide attraction this week and it’s plenty lucrative to hotels, motels, restaurants, retail shops and countless small businesses.

And it isn’t just Williamsport area motels that reap the benefits.

Lodging businesses in places like New Columbia and Bloomsburg sell out every room during the Series.

It’s hard to imagine they would be able to do that in late August without the benefit of the Series.

The net result of all this positive energy is an economic churn generating dollars greater than the city of Williamsport’s annual budget.

In an age when casinos are seen by many in the public sector as the key facilitator for dollar generation, it’s nice to have our region producing economy with an event that is as much Americana as anything existing today.