Brace for another round of propaganda aimed at Israel

Brace yourself for another round of propaganda aimed at Israel. Expect to hear new allegations our only reliable ally in the Middle East is attacking Palestinians in the Gaza Strip for no good reason. Except that there will be a reason — self-defense.

Yehiyeh Sinwar, the new leader of Gaza’s branch of the terrorist group Hamas, announced Monday his organization has mended a five-year rift with Iran. That means Tehran will be providing new, and no doubt substantial, financial and military aid to Hamas.

Those are Sinwar’s words, by the way, not ours. He said Iran is “the largest backer financially and militarily” of Hamas.

For years, Hamas has been a leader in raining rockets down on Israel. Whenever the Jewish state responds in kind, however, Jerusalem is accused of waging a war of genocide against the Palestinian people. Presumably, Israel’s many enemies think that nation should just turn the other cheek. It has done so many times, however, only to be slapped again and again.

If Iranian aid provides Hamas with a new arsenal, rest assured it will be used against Israel. And if so, Israel may face a two-front war.

Another terrorist group, Hezbollah, in Lebanon, also is stockpiling weaponry. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused U.N. peacekeeping forces in Lebanon of doing little or nothing to prevent that buildup.

Here in the United States, we view anti-Semitism as a sickness limited in scope to a few bigots. But in the Middle East, it is policy for several regimes, not to mention several terrorist organizations. That needs to be kept in mind once Hamas and Hezbollah launch their new offensives against Israel — and, predictably, are condemned for merely trying to assure their nation’s survival.