Education most vital part of new school in Montoursville

It is not your father’s Montoursville Area High School anymore.

When the new school year dawned, administrators, teachers, children and parents walked into a much different Montoursville Area High School.

After years of planning and often contentious debate, a sharply renovated Montoursville High is open for the business of education.

There’s a new entrance replacing the one that has been there since 1931. There is a bus bay for dropoff of kids that takes the buses completely off the street. There’s more parking.

Inside there is a laundry list of improvements – a new auditorium, new band, choral and music rooms (still under construction), new art rooms, new classrooms, new science labs, a modernized cafeteria, upgraded outlets to handle more electronic devices and a new library.

A lot can be modernized for $38 million, the steep price tag for the debated modernization.

But the political part of the argument is over. Everyone in the community needs to recognize that.

The point of the project goes well beyond bricks and mortar. An improved facility is meant to produce a correspondingly improved educational product. Otherwise, it’s not worth doing.

The modernized facilities are meant to put educators in a better position to educate students.

We hope that’s the case. The steep price tag is easier for taxpayers to swallow if the educational product in the Montoursville Area School District benefits from the work.