For United Way, a revised focus and daunting challenge

The Lycoming County United Way is embarking on a new fundraising campaign under new leadership with a different point of emphasis as it canvases every corner of the county for charitable donations.

The organization wants to raise enough money to impact people in the county 55,000 times in the next year, according to Ronald Frick, new president of the Lycoming County United Way.

Those 55,000 moments of service would come through the offerings of the United Way’s program partners, who meet the needs of people in the county when called.

The needs range from emergency services to long-term health needs.

They answer the calls of the very young and the very old and everyone in between.

They range from pre-school programs to meals for the elderly to drug prevention programs.

In other words, the calls to United Way can come from anyone in the county’s population base.

If you think that doesn’t include you, take a look around.

The country has been hit hard by two hurricanes in the past month.

That can happen here.

Our region has been hit equally hard by an opioid epidemic that crosses multiple age groups and all economic classes.

In an instant, anyone can be in need of the help net that United Way program partnership provides.

We appeal to every able resident of the county to examine the work of the United Way’s program partners.

Any objective person will see the good the money does and how much of it is needed.

And a donation of any size would be welcomed with open arms by any of these agencies. If everyone gives even a little, the money can be raised to produce the capability to answer the call 55,000 times in the coming year.

The needs have never been greater.