In time of extreme need, give to help victims of Harvey

Until further notice, the United States has a sixth Great Lake. It’s called Harvey. It’s located off the eastern coastline of Texas and the southern coast of Louisiana.

Such is the scope of the disaster wrought by Hurricane Harvey, which has dumped rainfall of biblical proportions on parts of Texas and Louisiana.

The result is towns under water, our fourth most populous city, Houston, in a state of paralysis and hundreds of thousands of people without electricity, food and shelter.

The immediate response to the hurricane from everyone charged with battling disasters could not have been better.

But in cases such as this, the aftermath in the coming months and even years is a more complicated hurdle.

Locally, the American Red Cross dispatched 16 people from the region to Texas to help with relief efforts. The Salvation Army is looking for volunteers to send to its emergency disaster unit in Philadelphia.

Anyone can help the people affected by this disaster. The easiest way is to donate money to charitable organizations helping with relief efforts, including both the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

No check is too small. And no check is too large. Whatever you give is needed. The cost to restore the lives of the people of the Harvey-affected regions will be astronomical and it will be long term.

The people of this region know well the horrors of flooding.

We need to remember those horrors and give with our hearts as much as possible for our fellow Americans in Texas and Louisiana.