Regional police get vote of confidence from misunderstanding

The prospect of losing local police coverage drew a lot of concern from Porter Township residents, who turned up at the latest supervisors’ meeting.

It turns out Porter Township supervisors were not looking to withdraw the township from the Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police Department.

They say they were actually looking into why Porter Township seemed to be paying more than other areas for its police coverage. During the transmission of information a lot of “halftruths” became public, according to Supervisor Ronald Markle.

Porter Township used to have its own police department and moved to the Tiadaghton Valley regional force as the most affordable way to maintain local police protection.

“Everything evolves and we’ve had good luck with the police department we have now,” Markle said.

Residents apparently would prefer the regional force coverage over state police coverage, if the turnout of about 30 people at the meeting is any indication.

The end result of the misread signals and the concern they prompted has been a vote of confidence for the regional police arrangement and the protection local patrols provide.

Frankly, it’s heartening to see that kind of vocal support for the work local police are doing and we applaud the citizens for getting involved in the issue. No matter how the misunderstanding evolved, we suspect Porter Township supervisors have gotten a clear message.

Their residents want the regional police coverage maintained.