Trump’s UN call to arms deserves united reception

President Donald Trump came to the United Nations last week and, in his first speech to that body, left a message that the United States’ posture with that body and as the free world’s leader has changed.

His speech was frank and blunt.

President Trump called out North Korea as a threat to the world for its multiple provocative actions regarding the testing of nuclear weaponry.

He called out Iran for using its riches to prop up North Korea’s weaponry.

He called out its support of Hamas and other world terror threats.

He called on a world economic boycott of North Korea until it shuts down its nuclear weaponry.

He called out Venezuela’s dictatorial leadership for its human rights violations.

He promised that if the United States and its allies are under imminent threat of attack by North Korea, the U. S. will destroy that country.

Those comments echoed President Obama, who said virtually the same thing in the early days of his leadership of the country.

But President Trump’s comments are not parsed the same as President Obama’s were.

While the speech was viewed in many quarters as the best one Trump has given, many mainstream media outlets suggested Trump’s words were tantamount to war crimes. These same media figures made no mention of war crimes for North Korea’s leader making similar threats toward the U.S.

President Trump’s number one job is to protect citizens of the United States and its territories and act on behalf of all allies who carry the same ideals of freedom and independence for their citizens.

The over-the-top reaction to Trump’s frank assessment of the United States role in the world and his call to arms for defending humanity to the United Nations underscores why our world appears to be on fire today.

There should be worldwide unity that crosses political lines and media biases regarding terror threats and dictator/thugs of rogue regimes.

The time has passed for tip-toeing around the threats that President Trump highlighted. Those who prefer tap dancing around these grave threats are only perpetuating their hold on the world.