YWCA leader leaves with an enduring legacy

Diane Glenwright retired as CEO of the YWCA of Northcentral Pennsylvania last week after 16 years.

But she really did not leave.

The programs and services she guided from birth to sustainability on behalf of women in this region remain.

The building she transformed from deterioration to a viable, practical structure remains.

The boutique she started to raise funds for the YWCA continues in operation.

Glenwright’s impact was celebrated last week at an open house that correctly spotlighted the previously mentioned achievements.

But there is something else, quite intangible, that she gave the YWCA that will have a lasting existence.

And that is presence. Glenwright gave the YWCA a distinguishable presence in the community that hopefully will be maintained. For many women in this community in need of strength, support and the impetus to reclaim and reframe their lives, the YWCA under her guidance became the beacon of light they needed.

That presence is not available in every community. But it’s available in Williamsport.

And the best news is that Glenwright’s successor, Dawn Linn, brings the heart, dedication and capability necessary to continue the advancements Glenwright and her staff achieved while adding some of her own.