Cancer series: The goals are knowledge, hope and strength

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Sun-Gazette is running a series of stories on breast and other types of cancer with multiple goals in mind.

First, our hope is that the series will raise awareness to new levels regarding all forms of cancer.

Early diagnosis is the key to surviving most forms of cancer.

Test. Test. Test.

And test some more.

We hope that message gets across in October.

Second, our hope is that the series will increase the knowledge that many forms of the disease are beatable.

To that end, being shared in the Health section each Tuesday, starting today, are stories of survival by local women.

Their stories ideally will serve as a template of strength for anyone being treated for cancer now or in the months and years ahead.

Surviving cancer takes a treatment game plan and it takes inner strength and faith.

We doubt there are very many families within our circulation area that haven’t been affected in some way by cancer striking a loved one.

The good news is that great medical advances are being made in the treatment of almost all forms of cancer.

And the sophistication and detail that comes with screenings has been improved to the point where they are not to be feared, but rather welcomed.

Remember, you can’t fight the cancer you don’t know about.

We hope the series brings knowledge, hope and strength to all of our readers.