Commissioners correct to look at staff cuts given budget status

With Lycoming County once again looking at deficit spending to balance its 2018 budget, Commissioner Rick Mirabito said last week the county is working to lower its number of positions in order to save on salary and benefits costs.

Mirabito said his goal is to reduce the county’s manpower level by 20 full-time positions, which he says could save the county $1,240,320 a year.

He pointed out that the biggest part of the county budget where the commissioners can make the most impact is salary, pensions and health care.

Mirabito said the county does not intend to force anybody out, but rather is looking to eliminate positions or combine them as people retire or otherwise leave county employment.

That is a money-saving outline that private businesses, when necessary, have followed for years. It’s a practical course the county must embark on if it is to reverse the trend of deficit spending of recent years.