Earlier arrival to airport easy trade for greater safety

It’s going to take longer to board a flight out of the Williamsport Regional Airport in the future.

The Transportation Security Administration is implementing “new, stronger screening procedures” for carry-on items at the airport.

New procedures require travelers to place all electronics larger than a cellphone in bins for X-ray screening.

Officials suggest travelers arrive at the airport up to two hours prior to flight departure.

Jodi Miller, general manager for American Airlines at Williamsport, and David Frey, marketing director at the airport, are both thinking the prep time will be closer to 90 minutes.

Two hours. Ninety minutes. No matter.

The point is security.

We live in turbulent times. The tragic events and headlines seem to pile one upon another with alarming frequency these days.

It feels like we are powerless to stop some of the atrocities that happen. The only control available is the security measures that are in place at airports, events and public places.

To that end, a little extra early arrival time at an airport seems like an easy tradeoff for a little more assurance that all passengers on a flight will be safe.

We suspect most people would say do whatever is necessary to keep everyone safe.