Series on government referendums in city deserves rereading

The Sun-Gazette published a four-part series from Sunday through Wednesday on the Williamsport government referendum questions that are on the November election ballot.

You have heard of clip and save coupons.

This is a clip and save series, for both city voters and residents in other communities who are examining the efficiency of their local government.

Williamsport voters will be asked this fall if they want a study done on the city’s form of government, and if they want to study the potential for home rule.

They could choose both a charter commission study and a home rule study commission, they could vote for one or the other or they could decide they are fine with the mayor-council form of government that has existed here for more than four decades.

This is a generational opportunity for city voters. They are getting the ultimate input in what form of government the city will operate under in the future.

That is about as pure a form of democracy as we know of in 2017.

With that purity comes an imperative to be aware of the implications of each form of government. It has never been more important for voters to study information before voting than on this issue.

The series outlined the questions on the November ballot, the highlights of different governing formats and the breakdown of how other Third Class Cities choose to run their government.

Williamsport voters need to reread everything in the series again before voting in November.

Nothing less than how Williamsport is governed in the future is at stake.

That’s as far-reaching as election implications get.