St. Anthony’s needs, deserves rescuing of free medical clinic

Flood damage over the summer did what nothing else has done to the St. Anthony’s Center – shut down its free medical clinic.

The flooding in the basement of the center’s headquarters at 125 W. Willow Street was so bad that the clinic can not get insurance. Without insurance, it can’t operate a free clinic.

That should make everyone in the community regretful.

For 37 years, the clinic operated by volunteer doctors, nurses and secretaries has been offering free medical services and paying for prescriptions for the poor and less fortunate.

The St. Anthony’s kitchen on the upper floor of the building remains open.

Sister Henry Lambert, leader of the center, blamed the flooding on Grafius Run, a source of flooding that the city is trying to eliminate in the future.

The center’s situation is a worthy impetus to solve the problem.

In the meantime, we call on political leadership locally and those with the means to provide to consider how new headquarters could be found, at least temporarily, for the free clinic.

The St. Anthony’s Center has been a beacon of light to so many people in the community over the years. It’s time for the community to return the favor.

Remember, a community is judged and its quality of life is best determined by how it treats its less fortunate.