Trump took correct action in suspending insurance payments

As we pointed out years ago, billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies funneled to insurance companies by former President Barack Obama were a coverup.

They were not authorized by Congress, as the Constitution requires. For that reason, President Donald Trump was absolutely correct in saying he would suspend the payments, pending congressional action to make them legal.

Without those payments, insurance companies will have to increase premiums charged about 6 million low-income customers covered under the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

So now, members of Congress are scrambling to find some way out of the mess. Some sort of bipartisan arrangement to continue the payments may be possible.

If that happens, it will be more proof of an old political maxim: Once government provides a benefit to people, it is virtually impossible to take it away.

Talk about repealing and replacing Obamacare continues.

But most lawmakers seem to be content to continue the massive taxpayer subsidies for programs such as propping up insurance companies and expanding Medicaid by 16 million to 18 million people.

Meanwhile, millions of other Americans are paying for Obamacare’s lies, through higher premiums on their health insurance and limited options on health care.

If anything, it begins to appear Obama and his cronies created a monster that cannot be killed.