DDon’t underplay illegal vote number in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s Department of State has determined noncitizen immigrants may have cast 544 ballots illegally out of more than 93 million ballots in elections spanning 18 years.

The department’s disclosure followed examination of 35 primary and general elections from 2000 through 2017.

It has been determined the illegal votes occurred because of a glitch in the design of Pennsylvania’s electronic driver’s licensing system. The glitch has existed since the start of the state’s motor voter system, which was first authorized in 1995.

There are lots of political types who will sigh and say all of this is no big deal.

That reaction is disrespectful to the sanctity of voting in the greatest democracy in the world. Voting is a right afforded all those who meet the legal bar for voting in this country.

It’s also a privilege for which people have died to preserve.

To that end, any illegal voting and flaws that may result in more illegal voting in the future need to be taken very seriously.

There’s nothing political about wanting every vote cast in American elections to be legitimate.