Film world’s reaction to Weinstein scandal reveals enabling culture

Among reasons Americans have to be angry about the Harvey Weinstein scandal is that the entertainment world enabled him by doing nothing during years in which his offenses were common knowledge.

One might think the ensuing outrage would bring some in the world of filmmaking to their senses.

But no. At least in France, it has not. There, the prestigious La Cinematheque Francaise film institute is going ahead with a plan to honor director Roman Polanski with a “retrospective” of his work.

Institute officials are plowing ahead despite calls to cancel the event, in view of Polanski’s past.

Officially, he remains a fugitive from the United States, as he has been during the 40 years since he admitted getting a 13-year-old California girl drunk and raping her. At least one other woman, a teen at the time, has said Polanski victimized her sexually.

Some in Hollywood think the charge against Polanski should be dropped. Fortunately, a California judge disagrees.

But in Paris, the film institute says Polanski’s work should be recognized. The institute’s role is not “to moralize,” an official there said.

It will be interesting to see how many American stars, directors, etc., show up for the Polanski film event. One can only wonder why so many of them feel qualified to judge the morals and politics of their fellow Americans.