On this day, channel our thanks into a more giving spirit

We awake each day worried about where the next tragedy may have happened.

It could be a natural disaster, such as the hurricane-created tragedies in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico in recent months.

Sadly, it could be a man-made tragedy, such as the senseless mass shooting in Las Vegas or the truck runover of pedestrians in New York City recently.

Beyond that, our country is facing a nuclear arms threat from North Korea and worldwide terrorism remains a daily concerns, though some inroads have been made against the evils of ISIS.

In our midst every day there is economic hardship for many of our citizens and near lawlessness in the streets in some parts of our country.

And yet, today, Thanksgiving Day, there is much to be thankful for.

Most of us have the fortune of good health, a job, family, friends and a home.

Those are the true riches of life.

They get lost amid our perpetual concerns with tragedy, our angst within a politically-charged atmosphere, and our daily worries for family and loved ones.

But if we have not been touched by any of the maladies listed above we should be more thankful than ever in this year of multi-faceted turmoil.

And we should channel that thanks into a giving spirit toward those less fortunate than us.

At our Thanksgiving tables today, we can honor the intent that started with Pilgrims and Indians by being thankful enough to lend a hand to everyone less fortunate than us.