Organizations that fight homelessness deserve community lift

We know about homelessness. At least we think we do.

We read about.

We digest the estimates of how many people are homeless.

We hear about the circumstances that lead to it.

But what do we really know.

Unless we have spent a cold night huddled beneath an underpass warmed only by a cardboard box, a tatter blanket and a makeshift junk fire, we really don’t know much about homelessness.

The American Rescue Workers and Family Promise of Lycoming County recently joined forces in hosting the Box City event for the first time together at the Lycoming College campus.

The two organizations are in a position to know about homelessness.

They are often the buffer separating a person from that existence.

They know the misery index that goes with homelessness. They know it is a reality in our community, as much as we don’t want to see it in our midst.

Our community is blessed to have a solid social services network that helps blunt the scourges of homelessness.

But that does not mean it is not a major concern.

Judging by participation in the Box City, it was a successful, consciousness-raising event.

But the true value in the event comes with results.

The best think people can do to alleviate homelessness is to support all of the organizations that include in their mission services for those without a normal home existence. These organizations provide not just a shelter alternative, but pathways to remedy that which creates the unsettled home situation.

There are several entities in our community that offer these solutions.

They all need support to continue offering the services they have.

They all deserve your support.