Tuesday’s election deceptively vital for region’s voters

All elections are vital parts of our democracy, whether they be local, state or national in importance.

The election Tuesday is deceptively vital.

At first blush, voters might think there is not much at stake because there is not that one, galvanizing race, such as the presidency or governor, on the ballot.

But look more closely – and then vote – because there are, in fact, a plethora of long-term implications to this election.

There is a Lycoming County judgeship on the line. Given the issues county judges handle today, who sits on the bench has never been more important. There also are statewide judgeships at stake.

In Williamsport, voters are being asked to answer two important ballot questions with long-term reverberations: Do they want to elect a charter commission to study the charter and form of government for the city and make a recommendation, and do they want a commission to consider the advisability of adopting a home rule charter, and, if advisable, recommend that charter?

There are 15 candidates seeking spots on the two government study commissions, which would be made up of seven members each.

There also is a Williamsport City Council race in which seven candidates are on the ballot for three City Council seats.

The rest of the election landscape Tuesday includes races for school board, mayor, supervisor and borough council spots throughout the region.

In other words, who makes the big decisions on a local level for the next several years rests heavily on Tuesday’s vote.

So Tuesday’s election is the opposite of unimportant. It is, in fact, among the most important we have had locally in a number of years.