Voters make some big statements with election results

Some of the decisions were a bit predictable. Some were revealing.

But all of the decisions made by local voters in Tuesday’s General Election were important to the future scope and direction of government here in the future.

Under the predictable category, Lycoming County voters elected District Attorney Eric Linhardt to fill a county judge seat that will materialize in January.

Voters also joined the rest of the state in a large verdict for increasing the property tax exclusion to 100 percent of the value of homes in municipalities, counties or school districts. In other words, they screamed for long overdue tax reform.

Revealing was the pair of votes in Williamsport favoring a charter commission and a government study commission looking at home rule.

Those verdicts say Williamsport residents want to at least look seriously at whether to preserve the strong-mayor and council form of government that has been in place for more than four decades.

Studies by two separate commissions elected Tuesday will produce the next step before the next mayoral race in 2019.

Also noteworthy were some of the nods toward political newcomers locally.

Derek Slaughter was the top vote-getter among seven candidates seeking three City Council seats, garnering an impressive 2,118 votes.

He will join incumbents Liz Miele and Randall Allison on council, bringing a fresh viewpoint to council.

Spencer Sweeting was the top vote-getter among Williamsport Area School Board candidates. Among those joining him on the board are two newcomers, Marc Schefsky and Adam C. Welteroth.

New voices.

Tax reform.

Governmental change.

Those voting Tuesday spoke in a loud voice for those things Tuesday.