Christmas inspires the keys to a more peaceful world

Giving. Faith. Family. Friends. Compassion.

The Christmas day we celebrate today includes all or at least some of the elements, depending on your belief system.

If it includes none of those things, those of us who believe in the power of prayer are including you.

Because today is about every one of us. No matter our background, beliefs or station in life, we of the human race are here to take care of each other and make the Earth we inhabit a better place because of that.

Today is a day meant to recharge our batteries when it comes to universal credos.

Do we give enough? Do we have something in our lives that inspires faith? Do we treasure our family and friends? Are we compassionate toward others, especially those less fortunate than ourselves?

The joy inspired by this day should move us all to check that list that involves our better selves. And if we can’t check all the boxes above, we need to resolve to find a way to get to that point.

We live in a world governed by the stresses of time, circumstance and other matters out of our control.

But we can control who we are and what part we play in the human condition of our world.

On this Christmas day – in a world that feels increasingly chaotic – we all need to recommit to the values of giving, faith, family, friends and compassion.

It is a near certainty that using those values to their fullest every day can make our world more like a place of peace.

And we all need that.