United Way needs grassroots giving to reach ‘impact’ goal

The Lycoming County United Way has set an ambitious goal of impacting lives 55,000 times with the money raised in its annual fundraising campaign.

That’s nearly double the impact 29,000 times in Lycoming County by the services of the United Way program partners last year.

The United Way measures impact by the times a United Way program partner is able to offer services in the community. If someone calls a program partner or 211 for a service under the United Way funding umbrella, that’s an impact.

The goal of the fundraising campaign is to raise enough funding to make that impact 55,000 times. That’s a lot of calls. That’s a lot of services. That’s a lot of exceptional service by United Way program partners, local agencies that people turn to in times of need.

Unfortunately, it takes an infusion of money to inject the program partners with the resources and personnel to make the desired impact with the frequency intended.

To date, the money part of the campaign is lagging, with $368,000 raised through the end of November. The United Way has calculated it will require $1.612 million to make an impact 55,000 times.

For many of the people the United Way is appealing to for funding, money is very tight. But most of us are more fortunate than those who benefit from the United Way dollars. We would hope many people would listen to their hearts and help someone – a child, an elderly person, someone destitute, someone dealing with an emergency or tragedy, someone domestically abused, someone trying to get their life back on track.

All those needs may be answered with the United Way dollars that go to the organization’s program partners.

Consider your neighbors and contribute to the campaign. The greatest gift that may come with this season is the feeling that comes from giving. Experience it and help someone at the same time by giving to the campaign.