2018: To do better, we can start with mutual respect

We can do better.

Our hope is that all of us are waking up this New Year’s morning with that understanding.

The year just past was not one to be proud of for any of us concerned with the human condition.

When the top story of the year is judged to be sexual misconduct, that’s strong indicator that the mistreatment of each other was too much a part of 2017. Our hope is that disclosures of sexual misconduct in the entertainment, political, media, business and other sectors of our society are the trigger point to awakening and end to such unsavory behavior.

Mutual respect would be a good start to solving not just the sexual misconduct problem but other impingements on our daily lives that were part of 2017.

There were too many moments in the year past that were highlighted by unnecessary political, racial and cultural tension.

In this land of democracy, we wear our political hearts on our sleeves. That’s fine. But often last year, there was a dangerous next step taken, unproductive and at times destructive discontent.

The seeds of that were triggered by an organized resistance that included the national news media. The watchdogging of our leaders is important to our democracy, but a platform of opposition that often is nothing more than counterproductive overstatement does not advance our country or our individual lives.

All of us, on all sides of every issue in our daily lives, need to do better this year.

Let’s start with mutual respect.

Happy New Year, America.