Charter Commission survey: City residents get rare opportunity

The seven-member city Charter Commission is nearing the survey portion of its mission that is supposed to lead to a recommendation on the best form of government for the future of Williamsport.

At its meeting last week, the commission crafted a survey that is to be taken by about 200-plus city employees, current and former elected officials and the general public.

The questionnaire is intended to help the commission as it forms a recommendation on the best form of government, a recommendation city residents will vote on in the fall general election.

We are intrigued at what the substance of the survey questions will be.

But whatever the questions are, we hope the general public is a big factor in the survey results.

It’s important to get the views of city employees and elected officials, past and present. They have operated under the existing strong mayor-council form of government and bring a wealth of personal experience to the survey.

But city residents have lived with the results – good, bad and indifferent – of the existing form of government for more than four decades. Their input should count at least as much.

We hope their is a practical, broad-based plan to make it easy for residents to weigh in on the survey. The greater the volume of input, the more informed the survey results will be in view.

As for Williamsport residents, we urge them to get involved in this vital process of determining their future form of government. Answer the survey and do it objectively. You are getting a unique opportunity to be part of the direction of your local government.

Take full advantage.