Cutters Hall of Fame an overdue honor for Nichols

Bill Nichols Jr., city finance director and general manager of River Valley Transit, was recently inducted into the Williamsport Crosscutters Hall of Fame during the Hot Stove Banquet.

The honor was both deserved and long overdue.

Nichols has been a key part of Williamsport government for more than four decades. Mayors and administration makeups have changed greatly over that time period. City government structure and priorities have been arranged and rearranged several times.

But Nichols has been the constant. From expansion of the city bus operation into a countywide transit provider to management of employees to a bushel of city initiatives, building projects and execution of long-term plans, Nichols has been a key player. And oftentimes, he has been the point person in changes in the city’s landscape that will have an impact for decades.

Among the long checklist of revitalization projects he has led, Bowman Field may be the crown jewel.

The minor league home to the Crosscutters and literally hundreds of players who have made their way to Major League Baseball, Bowman Field has an undeniable history and heritage as the second oldest minor league baseball facility in the nation.

But the facility has sustained deterioration and, without the initiative of city leadership and civic leaders, it would not be in operation today.

There have been major structural repairs, modernization and upgrades, many of the most dramatic ones in the past two years. There have been significant improvements to the grounds and the field surface. There have been exterior entrance and parking upgrades.

From grants to planning to execution, many people have had a hand in the vigilance that makes Bowman Field special to our community and region, but no one has had a larger role than Nichols. His induction into the Williamsport Crosscutters Hall of Fame could not be more appropriate.