Upcoming survey offers city residents a rare opportunity

City residents will be getting a rare opportunity starting about March 8.

At that time, the Williamsport Charter Commission will release its public survey that is meant to help the seven elected officials gain insight on what may be the best form of city government under Third-Class City Law.

The survey is part of the commission’s continued research to arrive at a recommendation on which the electorate can decide. A separate survey is being distributed to elected officials and about 220 city workers.

A website domain is being set up for handling of the survey, but the commission also is planning to print out the surveys for those without computer access or who don’t want to take the survey via the internet.

This is a pivotal moment in Williamsport history, as the city’s future form of government is being deliberated. Moments such as this do not come along often.

The general public in the city would serve itself well with heavy participation in this survey.

Is the existing form of strong mayor-council government the best future path for the city? Would another form of government be more appropriate and, if so, how?

While it is important that elected officials and city workers answer these overarching questions, it’s just as vital that regular city residents register their views.

The larger the sample on this survey, the stronger the conclusions will be.